Bamdev Mishra

Applied Machine Learning Researcher


My name is Bamdev Mishra and I am an applied machine learning researcher by profession. I work in problem domains which allow to use and develop end-to-end machine learning solutions for industrial applications. A particular focus is on developing large-scale nonlinear optimization algorithms.

I currently work as a Senior Applied Scientist at Microsoft in the office India Insights & Data Science team at Hyderabad, India. Prior to this, I worked in the India Machine Learning team at in Bengaluru, India. I hold a PhD degree from the University of Liège and Bachelors and Masters degrees from IIT Bombay. Here are some details about me: a photo and a professional bio.

Nowadays, the chances of finding me in this campus are high.

We are hiring.
We are looking for experienced machine learning engineers and scientists to join our team at Hyderabad. Our team works on a diverse set of problems relating to the Microsoft Office workspace domain and develop machine learning solutions. Please drop an email to in case you are interested to explore opportunities with us.